Free downloads: The bestseller "Personal branding" is written by Peter Horn, a Danish-based strategic leadership advisor. Peter Horn is CEO of Peter Horn & Co., a consulting company specializing in strategic communication and market scenarios. The company works for large national and international companies and organisations.

By Cecilia Macaulay

Peter Horn is publisher and editor-in-chief of Executive Magazine, and has produced over 100 TV-programmes and 700 radio programmes. He has worked with print media in Scandinavia, Germany, UK and USA.

Since the publication of "Personal branding", he has been one of the most quoted experts on personal branding in Scandinavia – frequently appearing in business newspapers and magazines, on television and radio. He regularly holds seminars and presentations on personal branding in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Peter Horn has written busines books like "The Hidden Forces", "Emotional Economy", "Personal Branding", "The Career Game", "Burn Through", "SAS - when time matters" and "Career Management".

NEW: Introduction 
Branding is a way of assigning abstract values to a concrete product, or even a company. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart did not become rich by selling mere things, but by selling desirable values. Vitality, fun, competence, or glamour sometimes become the prime ‘goods’ sold, with the actual product going along for the ride.

Personal Branding is about establishing yourself as a recognizable set of values. It is not a new concept, personages in history have been doing it for thousands of years, and some are still going strong today, as a visit to any holy place will attest. Doing a good job is no longer an adequate path to success. Do only the work you can do with excellence, and then ensure the world knows about it. Like the proverbial better mousetrap, it will be your invention of a better Personal Brand that ensure a steady flow of people to your door.

As defined in this book, Personal Branding is

"… the public projection of your personality and your abilities in a configuration that gains for you every possible advantage in achieving your unique career aspirations”.

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