Personal Branding: Becoming An Expert

Paula Gardner teaches people how to do their own PR. She trains them in the techniques of PR and marketing from the U.K. and shows them how to harness their own passion and enthusiasm for their business and turn that into publicity - which, in turn, becomes increased business and higher profits. You can subscribe on her newsletters - they are well edited and are very useful for the do-the-PR-yourself talents.

Have you ever noticed how the same peopleís names always seem to appear in magazines and newspapers articles which quote them as a source of info and advice on their own particular subject, whether it is life coaching or investment banking? The question is raised by Paula Gardner, an English expert of PR for small and medium seized companies. She continues:

- Well, they donít just get there by accident. They, or their PR Company, have generally put in a pretty concerted effort to get them known as an expert in their field. And hereís how you can become one tooÖ

1. Define your niche. Donít just choose the whole of your industry; choose a particular part that has relevance for peopleís lives (or their money!). For instance if you are a life coach choosing a particular area of coaching (say finding a new job) is going to be more successful than trying to set yourself up as an expert on the industry as a whole. Likewise if you deal with investing peopleís money, talking about investing for your childrenís education and further education will bring you better results as specific situations and articles will bring you into the mind of the journalists. 2. Get your press release written Ė who you are and what you do should be summed up clearly and precisely. If you canít handle writing a press release get hold of a copywriter or contact me for details of my press release writing service.

3. Send that press release out, together with your tip of the month/week on investments, caring for your teeth, getting new clients.

4. Make a date in your diary to send a new one out every month/week. Donít forget to include your press release at the same time.

5. When someone takes up one of your tips and publishes it, put it together in portfolio that you can build up and use to enhance your reputation as an expert.

Experts have to be adept at putting difficult ideas and concepts into laymanís language, and often the most successful experts have a call to action that anyone can handle. So keep your tips practical and easy to read Ė try them out on a willing friend first.

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