Personal Branding in new Master Education at Danish University

Roskilde Univercitetscenter is the first Danish university to launch personal branding as an element in the new Master of Experience Management. Purpose of the new course is to teach  students to reach their goals in interaction with other people through visiability. The education caters for leaders involved in leisure, retailing and tourism.


We have emphasized personal branding, which will enable the student to seek their goals with enlarged focus and assertiveness. , says Jon Sundbo, professor at RUC.

Amongst the educators is Peter Horn CEO of the executive consultant company Peter Horn & Co., whom with his latest book "Personal branding" published by BÝrsens Forlag opens way to discussion of the future market.

The new Master of Experience Management at RUC will be launched in February 2005. The purpose of the education is amongst other to give the students a professional platform for attending to management and development assignments.

Closing date for applications for Master of Experience Management is January 1st 2005.

More info:

- Our professional skills are so alike that what really distinguishes us is our personalities. It is important to gear up the future leaders for the international market and enable them to create more extensive networks, says Peter Horn.